Bypass Pages Login WordPress with Database In MYSQL


Have you ever accessed the admin page on the wordpress site
The results of jumping or Symlink results, and it turns out that the page is not even found: 'v
Even though it's the wordpress site right: v
Ok today I will give the solution
Check out friends

The first one you entered was in the cuyy database
If you don't enter it can't: 'v

Noah if you have logged in, look for table data "wp_options"

Keep looking for "active_plugins". In the wp_options table, there is page 2, please search


Now if you have found it, just click delete
And check that the login page already isn't there
If there is still no possibility
Not the original database of the website or maybe the website
Already moved the server: if so, I'm patient, bro, bro: v

Maybe that's what I can say bro: v dadah: * greetings for beby jkt48 love yu: vv
Hope it can help ya maz
So many brief tutorials are solid and unclear.

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